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Electrical Wiring Devices Solutions

Our lives run on gadgets and appliances. With so much to do in a day, we want things to work effortlessly and safely, be it an appliance or the switchboard it is plugged into. No matter who uses it, an adult or a four year old, you want the assurance that you and your loved ones are safe.

Our Products represent a fine blend of Art & Science. Designing aesthetically appealing products by maintaining high level of Engineering Excellence. It enhances the beauty of the walls that it adorns, while allowing it to be dust free through anti static finish and ensures minimum gap between the socket/switch and the plate for utmost safety.

LED Lighting Solutions

Shopping today has become an experience. And lighting plays a vital role in creating that experience, whether in a small, trendy boutique or in a major department store. LED solutions are uniquely suited to retail outlets. It can provide a wide range of effects – from the strikingly dramatic to the intriguing and inviting – that contribute to the total shopping experience. It can highlight a product, create drama and interest, but it can also reflect mood, helping create the perfect environment for the shopping experience.

LED lighting is arguably the most profound change the lighting industry has witnessed since the invention of electric light itself. LEDs are transforming the nature of lighting by opening up new possibilities for how and where artificial light is used to enhance the human experience.

LED lighting systems are so adaptable, so flexible, that a single lighting system can conjure up an almost limitless number of effects, moods and ambiances. Thanks to the ultra-long life of LEDs and their high energy efficiency, cost-savings on energy can be very significant. And because the lighting does not need to be physically adapted at any time, disruption to customers is virtually eliminated. And with it, both an increase in sales and a major reduction in costs.